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Our amazing foster families are beyond appreciated for opening up their hearts and their homes to our rescue pups in need of a temporary placement while we work on finding them a furever home. 

The rescue has very few kennels on site, meaning we depend immensely on our fosters' reliability and their dedication to give the dogs the best while in their care. 

The Ranch takes in a variety of rescue cases. Including expecting or nursing mothers and puppies, to dogs with serious to mild injuries and illnesses.  Dogs that have been housed in shelters that euthanize or have lived in neglectful situations.

In emergency cases, the Ranch will reach out to our fosters anytime of the day if an emergency foster is needed.

Foster families have a huge impact on a rescue's life that will go past giving them shelter and food. You will show them love. Some rescues have never been cared for properly and you will be with them as they adjust to a new and better life. 

YOU can be the one to change a dogs life!   Sign up to become a foster today!

Foster Agreement

Foster care is temporary care provided by responsible, compassionate and caring adult volunteers for The Four Legged Ranch dogs until they can be adopted to quality homes.

The Four Legged Ranch will provide food,  prevention, crates, bedding, toys, necessary veterinary care and continued support and guidance for the foster family.


Our fosters keep the animal safe and secure, provide love and respect, exercise enrichment, socialization, basic obedience and house training as needed.  This acclimates our dogs and prepares them for transitioning into their permanent home.


While The Four Legged Ranch retains ownership of all animals, we value our fosters' input when seeking potential homes. The foster parent is responsible for transporting the foster animals to and from pet adoptions and vet appointments as required, unless other arrangements are made.


Fosters are required to share pet bios and pictures with the Ranch team in order to increase their chances of finding forever homes.


Rescue takes a village!  If you would like to join our team, please review and complete the application below.  We are happy to answer any questions.

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