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Nancy Hoffman always has rescued animals - from tadpoles to horses - but her heart is with rescuing dogs, especially "pit bull" type dogs. She started the Four Legged Ranch in 2015, and her rescue efforts have grown ever since. She coordinates a network of fosters and hosts dogs at the ranch. "Since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to help friendless animals," says Nancy. At the Four Legged Ranch, she is doing just that.


Fostering is a huge part of the Four Legged Ranch, and the success of their dog rescue. Fosters take in dogs who may need to decompress from scary situations, dogs who may have never lived inside before, and dogs who may need to learn to trust again. Time in a foster home gives dogs recovery time, and gives the Ranch a good idea of what the dog is like. That knowledge is key to finding the best forever home for each rescue dog. Fostering allows the dogs to recover - and to shine! 


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  • Vet Appointments

  • Adoption Events

  • Picking Up Supplies

  • Fund-Raising Ideas

  • Marketing

  • Vet Tech Help

  • Photography

  • Vaccines

  • Microchipping


*Students needing volunteer hours are welcome. Please email us to find out more!

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