We are a non-profit organization that work hard to find the right home for our rescues that have been neglected, abused or forgotten. Through your tax-deductible donation, you can help us continue our mission of providing second chances to those who need us most!

Lives Saved

Meet our rescues who have been given second chances due to our generous donors and volunteers! We want to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey!


Crimson came to us from an Alabama farm that left him skin and bones. Through our generous donors, we were able to give Crimson the second chance he needed. Now he thrives with a family with another dog and a pig!


Buddy came to us with minutes to spare. With his life on the line we rushed to give him a second chance and by our generous donors, he got just that. Buddy is currently with a foster where he is searching for his forever home. ADOPTED!!!

Princess Mila

Mila came to us from Chicago where she begged and pleaded for someone to give her a chance. We hurried to her rescue and gave her a place to call her own where she can heal. Mila is still currently searching for her forever home. She would love a soft bed and someone that loves the attention she gives.

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